2021 Vacation Bible School

Our youth had a great time this year at Vacation Bible School (VBS). The theme was Changing the World with Loving Kindness.

The goal for Compassion Camp was to cultivate compassion for each other, ourselves, and the world. The children explored different areas where they could show compassion as a part of their lives. They explored how to act compassionately in several different situations. Because of the pandemic, we did not invite youth from other churches. Hopefully next year everyone will be vaccinated, and we can have a great big group for VBS.

Even with our small group, we had a lot of fun. Each day started with a puppet show video along with some motivational sings to get the children pumped up for the day. After a meal, activities included a bible story, coloring, outdoor recreation, yoga, art projects, and science projects.

The group brought offerings to support “Sleep in Heavenly Peace” an organization in Aberdeen that builds beds for people that need them.

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