Deconstruction and Reconstruction

If you have lived with remodeling you know all about the disruption, the noise, the unexpected, and the dust that goes everywhere. It’s a package deal—one can’t get to a new place without the mess and a certain amount of disorder. As I dusted a bit again this morning, I got to thinking about how this remodeling project is a lot like our spiritual lives, or perhaps life in general: if we are going to change or transform or refurbish things in life, we will deal with similar inconveniences, mess, and ongoing work.

Perhaps as I once experienced, you too have realized that some of the teachings and spiritual understandings learned early on in life no longer seem to make sense. The assumptions and judgments, the supposed Christian response to the realities and pain of life, or who the church should or could be no longer worked. It was like that bedroom wall that had “always been there”. Guess what—with skill and willingness to make the change, it can be moved! At one point I began a sort of deconstruction and remodeling project within. Whenever we challenge long-held beliefs, it can cause a mess, perhaps some noise within and without, and unexpected feelings of both loss or amazement. A theology that is more about love than judgment, an honest look at how particular allegiances hurt more than heal, an awareness of a Christ who crosses borders and reaches out rather than an exclusive Christ for the upright and moral are at first disorienting and messy to some relationships. But the room that “has always been a bedroom” can become a bathroom, what had forever been a closet can be a shower, and a room, as well as a heart, can actually be enlarged.

We find our denomination in a messy place of deconstruction and remodeling. Our own congregation and church will need to look at who we are and who we want to be—we all change yearly and somehow may insist nothing within the church change from 40+ years ago.  And in our personal and spiritual lives, there may be obstructing walls, and needed change —both expected or unexpected to be worked around. It’s amazing to see in a home remodel what can go where, and what can be replaced with what! The same can be true in many other areas of life. Sometimes we need to adjust to experiences which happen that we have little control over. Sometimes we have created our own walls and obstacles. Yet remodeling is always a possibility!

And so we begin with those with expertise—talk, ask questions, listen. Pray. Release. Weep. Work. And above all, be willing to do the work and persevere through the mess that ensues. We are in this together, held by a God of goodness and love, who is constantly calling us to join in the work of transforming the world and revealing that incredible grace and love.

Blessings, Pastor Lou

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