Gearing Up For Fall

School has started, Labor Day is upon us, and our

historically final “fall back” clock change is on the horizon. There’s no getting around it—a new season is on the way! Here at NHUMC worship returns to 10:30 on the 11th along with Sunday School and Confirmation at 9:30. Wednesday Youth Groups begin September 14th, and United Women in Faith begin regular meetings again this month. Ready or not, the fall /winter routine is where we are at the moment.  What a privilege to have this church as part of our lives. What possibilities lie ahead for us in this coming season and year? We all are likely aware that there are troubles and rumors within the denomination, and some churches may vote to leave the UMC. 

   Much confusion and many misleading statements have surfaced. You may have questions or may have been asked questions that are a challenge to answer. Yet here at North Highland we are UMC and just as the hymn proclaims: We are the Church Together. 

     Such will also be the title of a four-week gathering for discussion/study of who we are as a denomination and as a local church. We will offer this weekly at two different times, so that as many as possible can take part, learn, and see how our stated values fit together during these four sessions divided up as: Making Disciples  ·  Belonging & Inclusion · Influence, Connection and Impact ·  Experience of God Through The UMC.

       There are two time options to be a part of this interesting and valuable learning Tuesday noon beginning September 27th  (bring your own lunch if you wish) or Thursday evening at 6:30 beginning September 29th. The dates are 9/27, 10/4, 10/11, 10/18  or  9/29, 10/6, 10/13 and 10/20. Anyone is welcome—membership is not required. And of course, the more the better the discussion will be! We ARE the church together, and together we will be NHUMC in the coming season and all the seasons to follow!   

Blessings,  Pastor Lou

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